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Pact has longstanding experience in emissions trading on the compliance market as well as on the voluntary carbon markets.


Compliance made easy with Pact Capital

Do you feel lost in the plethora of environmental legislation in the EU ETS, UK ETS or other compliance markets? Are you looking for an experienced partner for carbon trading?

Contact us to discuss the ever-changing legislative background and your compliance strategy with our colleagues having more than 10 years experience in carbon markets. Let’s find together the most appropriate compliance instruments for your company.

What do we offer? A wide spectrum of compliance instruments starting from European and British emission allowances (EUA and UKA) to upstream emission reductions (UER) be it a simple spot trade or a complex derivative strategy.


Go beyond your compliance obligations with Pact Capital Projects

Would you like to be a role model for your sector? Let’s go beyond your compliance obligations and offset all your emissions with carbon credits from verified projects with a high level of additionality.

Pact Capital has a long history in developing climate friendly projects in South America, Africa and Asia. You can now participate in the success of this activity either by financing projects by purchasing carbon credits from our existing project portfolio or credits sourced from partner projects.


Present both on the compliance and voluntary markets, Pact can help you interact with a number of environmental commodity exchanges that list carbon offset credits for purchase or sale and that work with registries to enable transactions. 

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