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Project Development

The complex choice of a carbon offsetting strategy to complement internal carbon abatement initiatives. 

A carbon neutral company

Even with the most proactive, transformative and dynamic approach to reduce your existing scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, you will  always have to deal with emissions that simply can’t be avoided. By supporting offset projects, which have a recognized and certified positive impact on GHG levels in the atmosphere, you can offset the remaining  emissions. Then the products and services proposed by your company can then be labeled as carbon neutral. 

Pact can manage your offset project from strategy definition up to carbon credit issuance.

If you decide to directly invest in projects that absorb CO2 or avoid emissions, Pact can assume responsibility for feasibility studies, project development, registration, monitoring, verification and issuance throughout the life of the project by leveraging its local partners in particular. Pact works with established project developers to source high quality nature-based projects worldwide, and provide financing through direct equity investments and forward offset purchases. Thanks to a large network of such project developers, but also landowner and communities that support offset projects, we can ensure that our continuous stream of vetted projects can accommodate your demand in terms of their mitigation targets and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Pact can manage your offset project from strategy definition up to carbon credit issuance.

A facilitated access to project information, data and background.

A comprehensive project management by a team of experts from Day 1 to the issuance of your carbon credits.

Minimum time and effort requirements from your side as we will handle and manage as much as possible.

An immediate access to a catalog of offset projects providing different type of carbon credits.

Direct investment in an offset project has many advantages. One is it allows you to get access to offset credits ‘’at cost”, hedging against potential future price increases. In addition, this allows you to have a deep engagement with the project you target, bringing you a very thorough understanding of its characteristics, above which you can have a critical influence.

Many different projects can be developed and many recognized standards help ensure that a project is effectively delivering the emissions avoidance it is targeting. 

To support you in developing your strategy to contribute to carbon neutrality, Pact selects the most relevant carbon reduction or sequestration projects for your business, customizing the solutions to your expectations. We know that the different carbon credit certification options can be confusing for most, but Pact has your back and will work with you in this field as well.

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