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Episode 2​

Episode 1​

Pact x Juventus

Conscious of its responsibility as one of the world’s largest football clubs, with a long history of commitment and unity, Juventus selected Pact Capital as its trusted partner to aid its carbon reduction. As a leading company in the carbon solutions sector, Pact Capital will aid Juventus on its journey to reduce its impact, play its part in the fight against climate breakdown and pave the way for other businesses to follow suit.


Juventus has started carefully calculating its carbon footprint and, where possible, it implemented appropriate actions to reduce these emissions. For unavoidable emissions, Juventus decided to use gold standard carbon credits from verified projects provided by Pact Capital, that also have additional positive social impacts. The two projects Juventus are supporting are a project to improve cookstove practices in Nigeria and a renewable energy project in Turkey.


Juventus’ management and the entire team recognized that football has the potential to get people involved and engaged in topics that go beyond sport, and they look forward to seeing what can be achieved together.

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