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Beginning in the early 1990’s with events like the Kyoto protocol, and following subsequent environmental steps to limit human-made carbon pollution, the world has found a new way to help the world stabilise its pollution (UNFCC).   As stated in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, carbon emission trading is a mechanism through which emissions permits equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions are distributed; these permits are acquired through environmental policies and projects.



This trade incentivises companies

to change and adapt towards a green world. The move into sustainable solutions - instead of creating hindrances through regulations - is going to grant opportunities.  Expressing similar thoughts, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for International Finance stated in an interview with CNBC how the carbon market for businesses hold.  A HUGE UPSIDE POTENTIAL.  We are currently in the process of a very fast-paced Eco-revolution; industries are adequately incentivised and regulated as policies continue to push to a more sustainable and greener world.  With the growth of the ETS (Emissions Trading Systems) and the international carbon market, we are seeing a developing system which gives us realistic approaches to fight global climate change.  Reinforcing this, the EU Commission for Climate Action stated that the Emissions Trading System has become “a cornerstone for EU combating climate change”.

Carbon emission trading brings the best out of a capitalistic approach incentivizing companies and businesses to affect the world they live in by reducing and offsetting. 

We are an accredited, long running, professional service, and we place great value on transparency.  Emission reduction and offsetting projects can vary dramatically depending on your industry and company’s specific situation.  That’s why we focus intensively on clear and proper implementation of the offset project.  After a completed implementation, we then ensure the credits for your company are properly monitored and verified.


projects or emissions reductions; there is a history in the element marketing schemes falsifying information. We are an accredited, long-running, professional service, and we place great value on transparency.

We invite those skeptical of market trading and its blemishes with corruption to look at the Global Coalition Against Corruption’s resources to detect and mitigate crime in the carbon market. After a completed implementation or projects and reductions, we would then concentrate on acquiring the credits for your company.




So how can you get a piece of the action

Pact Capital can assist your company move to more sustainable and green practices, and through the development of offsetting projects you can generate revenues from the resulting credits

One of the most important things we do at Pact is to analyse your business and industry to gauge the needed changes or implementations you might need to pursue.  These analyses and propositions set the tone for the work ahead and evaluate the overall returns. 



and trading

seem more complicated

than it is! 


That's why we here at Pact Capital make turning over a new leaf for your company as easy as possible. Businesses should remain working on what they do best.


What we do best is making your green life an easy, profitable one. Companies like Delta Airlines recently announced their Carbon Neutrality and being the first in the field to commit to that shows the vast benefits of being first rather than last to change.


We'll dive deeper into Delta Airlines, Google, and other industry innovators that are paving new ways to a green world.

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