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Biogas Power Plant in Turkey

The proposed project activity is a biogas-to-energy project that will generate renewable energy by capturing biogas from cattle manure -via anaerobic digestion- and utilising it to produce thermal and electric energy through cogeneration systems. 

The proposed project activity has total number of four biogas engines installed at the biogas power plant, with the net capacity of 1.20 MWe/h each. Accordingly, the biogas system installed has been designed with a total power of 4.8 MWe/h. Whilst heat generated at the plant is used at the facility to warm the digesters, the electricity generated is directly fed to the national grid. 

SDG Goals:

  • Emission reductions in tCO2.

  • Electricity produced and supplied to the grid.

  • Employment generated due to project activity. 

Within the scope of the planned project, biodegradation of organic wastes coming to the Biogas Plant in anaerobic environment is taking place. The biogas that is released during the biodegradation of organic wastes is used for electricity and heat production in biogas unit. 

The expected average annual emission reductions are 1,244,314 tCO2eq/y. Accordingly, the project is expected to generate 6,221,569 tCO2eq/y emissions reduction throughout its first crediting period. 

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